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HomeGrid Forum and HomePNA Merge

New organization will ensure smooth market migration to G.hn for home networks while continuing support for HomePNA

Beaverton, OR - May 28, 2013

HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance today announced that they have merged to create a single organization focused on promoting advanced wired home networking technologies. more

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Millions of Shipped HomePNA 3 Chip Sets Show HomePNA Momentum

CopperGate announces 2 million HomePNA multimedia home networking chip sets shipped, HomePNA included in DSL Forum recommendations

Atlanta, GA - October 25, 2007

HomePNA announced today that 2 million HomePNA chip sets shipped by CopperGate Communications demonstrates strong HomePNA adoption amid the growing Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) market. HomePNA, which features guaranteed quality of service (QoS) to eliminate collisions between data streams and high user throughput, is used to distribute high definition television (HDTV) as well standard definition television, voice over IP (VoIP) and other multimedia data over existing phone wires and coax cables.

"Equipment manufacturers' demand for the new HomePNA chip sets illustrates the growing telco demand for wired home networking solutions to distribute IPTV and other IP services to set-top boxes in the home," said Steve Rago, principal analyst at iSuppli. "The emergence of IPTV as a major service offering by telcos such as AT&T has created a demand for the delivery of robust, high quality and reliable home networking technologies that are best met by wired home networking technologies such as HomePNA."

IPTV service subscribers doubled between 2005 and 2006 and nearly tripled this year, according to an October Point Topic report for the DSL Forum. The same report shows North American numbers have quadrupled since June 2005.

HomePNA 3.1, the only multimedia home networking standard supported by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), is one of the LAN interfaces included in the DSL Forum's TR-124 global recommendation. TR-124 specifies the functional requirements for broadband residential gateway devices, one of the recommendations that support remote diagnostics and management capabilities critical the successful deployment of IPTV triple play services.

"Though the DSL Forum work is LAN access agnostic, we reference HomePNA technology in Technical Report 124 as an option for in-home networking implementations. This was driven by the strong standards-based approach that HomePNA supports today," said George Dobrowski, chairman and president of DSL Forum. "We're looking forward to the ease with which carriers will now be able to provision and manage their customers' in-home networks and services."

HomePNA 3.1 technology enables service providers to deliver these rapidly growing high-speed, triple-play Internet services -- IPTV, VoIP and data -- over both phone wires and coaxial cables at speeds up to 320 megabits per second.

Manufacturers deploy the HomePNA chip sets in home networking equipment, enabling service providers to deliver reliable multimedia networking service to subscribers. The technology enables service providers to reduce installation costs, utilize remote management and diagnostics to reduce operational expenses, and even reduce end-user costs through unified billing.

About HomePNA

HomePNA is an incorporated, non-profit association of industry-leading companies working together to promote adoption of networking industry standards using existing home wiring. Members of HomePNA develop industry standards over both phone line and coaxial cables with the intent to rapidly bring to market a range of interoperable data and audio/video home networking solutions.

HomePNA members-only benefits include access to the specifications, influence on future specifications, and opportunities to test, certify and advertise products as interoperable and HomePNA compliant.

Founded in June 1998, HomePNA members represent cutting-edge international companies that span the networking, telecommunications, hardware, software and consumer electronics industries. For more information on HomePNA, visit


About CopperGate

CopperGate Communications develops chip sets designed to revolutionize home networking and networked entertainment. CopperGate is the leading provider of standards-based technology for distributing high-speed IP data throughout the home over existing wires. CopperGate works with the world's leading system manufacturers to deliver the only products that operate over both phone lines and coax cables on a single network enabling consumers to conveniently connect equipment to broadband services throughout the home. CopperGate's products have been field tested and selected by leading service providers as key components for their triple play deployment solutions. For more information, please visit


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