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HomeGrid Forum and HomePNA Merge

New organization will ensure smooth market migration to G.hn for home networks while continuing support for HomePNA

Beaverton, OR - May 28, 2013

HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance today announced that they have merged to create a single organization focused on promoting advanced wired home networking technologies. more

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D-Link, Arcom and Sercomm Join HomePNA

Market leaders embrace fast-growing multimedia home networking standard

San Ramon, CA - June 4, 2008

HomePNA announced today that three more companies have joined the HomePNA home networking alliance -- the only existing-wire home networking standard today for telco TV (IPTV) video distribution. New members D-Link Corp., Arcom Labs, Inc. and SerComm Corp. will promote HomePNA technology and deliver solutions for IPTV over coax and phone lines.

"HomePNA is one of the fastest growing home network standards in the world today," said Rich Nesin, HomePNA president. "That is why great companies like D-Link, Arcom and Sercomm have joined. They want to share in the success of HomePNA."

"In terms of chipsets/nodes over coax and phone wiring, our recently released report on home networking shows HomePNA grew at the highest rate in 2007, and that is expected to continue through 2008," said Joyce Putscher, principal analyst at market research firm In-Stat.

HomePNA technology is the highest performing home network standard today, delivering up to 320 Mbit/s of data transmission. In addition, HomePNA delivers a high quality video experience for viewers while eenabling service providers to reduce installation costs, utilize remote management and diagnostics to reduce operational expenses, and even reduce end-user costs through unified billing.

Each week, 20,000 homes worldwide add HomePNA-based networks from over a dozen service providers.

About D-Link Systems, Inc.

D-Link is the global leader in connectivity for small, medium and large enterprise business networking. With millions of networking and connectivity products manufactured and shipped, D-Link is a dominant market participant and price/performance leader in the networking and communications market. For more information, please visit


About SerComm Corporation

SerComm Corporation is a worldwide leading manufacturer of broadband and wireless networking equipments. Founded in 1992, SerComm has been focusing on developing embedded solutions to make networking simple and affordable. For more information, please visit


About Arcom Labs

Arcom produces a wide range of products serving the worldwide cable industry including all types of single and multiple channel traps and band segmentation filters, many types of return band noise suppression filters, cable equalizers, addressable switches, addressable converters, NICAM and A2 Stereo Encoders. Arcom is a privately held company headquartered in Syracuse, NY. For more information, please visit


About HomePNA

HomePNA is an incorporated, non-profit association of industry-leading companies working together to create, promote and certify multimedia home networking technology that operates over existing wires. HomePNA technology operates over coax cables and phone wires to deliver Internet Protocol (IP) services like IPTV, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and data, often bundled by service providers as triple-play services. Founded in June 1998, HomePNA members represent cutting-edge international companies that span the networking, telecommunications, hardware, software and consumer electronics industries. For more information on HomePNA, visit


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