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HomeGrid Forum and HomePNA Merge

New organization will ensure smooth market migration to G.hn for home networks while continuing support for HomePNA

Beaverton, OR - May 28, 2013

HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance today announced that they have merged to create a single organization focused on promoting advanced wired home networking technologies. more

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HomePNA Alliance Membership Grows to More Than 20 Global Service Providers

Italy's Telecom Italia Newest Member

San Ramon, CA - April 16, 2012

The HomePNA® Alliance today announced that with the addition of Telecom Italia its membership now includes 23 service providers spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. HomePNA members benefit from the technical support, development, standardization and certification that HomePNA provides. Members also benefit from a deep support structure that helps decrease the learning curve and minimizes the costs for service providers to deploy HomePNA products. HomePNA home networking products are critical components of IPTV services being deployed today by telcos, cable, and satellite service providers of all sizes.

"We are pleased that HomePNA is serving a critical role in so many successful triple play service deployments around the globe," said Eran Gureshnik, HomePNA president. "It supplies a robust high speed technology complemented by extensive support services; enabling service providers to quickly come up to speed with certified products, minimizing costs by supporting a large ecosystem, and maximizing customer satisfaction."

Over 30 million HomePNA products have been shipped to telco, satellite, and cable service providers worldwide. HomePNA is an ITU Standard (G.9954) and is included in the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. HomePNA certified products include IP set-top boxes, residential gateways, optical network terminals, Ethernet to HomePNA bridges, MDU masters and CPE, commercial test/installation equipment and OEM modules. HomePNA members are listed on the HomePNA member webpage:


About HomePNA

HomePNA is an incorporated, non-profit association of industry-leading companies including AT&T, Motorola, Cisco and Pace working together to create, promote and certify multimedia home networking technology that operates over existing wires. HomePNA technology operates over coax cables and phone wires to deliver Internet Protocol (IP) services like IPTV, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and data, often bundled by service providers as triple-play services. Founded in June 1998, HomePNA members represent cutting-edge international companies that span the networking, telecommunications, hardware, software and consumer electronics industries. For more information on HomePNA, visit


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