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Product Characteristics and Use

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HomePNA Certified= HomePNA Tested & Certified

Bridges and Adapters

Ethernet to HomePNA bridge. These are typically low cost devices that enable any device with a 10/100bT Ethernet port to connect to a HomePNA network. Member Bridges and Adapters

Set-Top Box Products

IP Set-top box (STB). A consumer electronics device that connects to a television and the HomePNA network and converts the digital information that is sent to it into content that displays on the television screen. HomePNA enabled STB products include an integrated HomePNA modem allowing them to be connected directly to the network. STB products typically also provide channel selection information back to the network. Member Set-Top Box Products

MDU/MTU Access

MDU/MTU Access. MDU and MTU are terms used for multiple dwelling and multiple tenant units respectively. MTU is used when the primary use is commercial and MDU is used when the primary use is residential. Hospitality (hotels) also fit into this category. Equipment for MDU/MTU access applications includes HomePNA concentrators that allow multiple units to share a broadband DSL, fiber or other connection. Member MDU/MTU Access

Residential Gateway Products

Residential Gateway (RG). A device that allows sharing of a fast Internet connection by multiple PCs or consumer electronics devices within the home. The Gateway may contain a DSL, wireless LAN and HomePNA network modems. It may also include other important software features such as a security firewall and remote management capability. Residential gateways may be located in the house or outside the house in a weatherproof enclosure maintained by the service provider. Member Residential Gateway Products

Optical Network Terminals (ONTs)

Optical Network Terminals (ONTs). A telecommunications device that is typically attached to the side of a home or installed in the wiring room of an MDU or MTU. The ONT provides the subscriber side of the fiber-optic access connection. HomePNA enabled ONTs include an integrated HomePNA modem. Member Optical Network Terminals (ONTs)


Semiconductors. Semiconductors that integrate HomePNA modems. Customers are advised to only use devices certified by HomePNA. Member Semiconductors

Test Equipment Manufacturers

Telco test equipment. Equipment used by commercial installers when installing and maintaining consumer and networking equipment with integrated HomePNA modems. Member Test Equipment Manufacturers

OEM Products

OEM products. HomePNA modem devices designed for integration into other end products. Member OEM Products

Passive Components

Passive components. Passive components such as resistive splitters and components used to connect the HomePNA modem to the network media (coax cables or phone wires). Member Passive Component Manufacturers